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  • Using RSS in Zotero

    Using RSS in Zotero

    In efforts to dust off the ol’ RSS feed o’ mine (not sure why I’m adopting both twang and Irish with this sentence) I thought I’d make a quick post here on how I use Zotero to manage my RSS feeds. I’m a big fan of Zotero, but I haven’t been using it a lot…

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  • Reflecting on Open Publishing Ecosystems

    Reflecting on Open Publishing Ecosystems

    From an Amanda perspective. If you were following along with Reclaim’s news and activities at the end of 2023, you’ve probably heard the term “Open Publishing Ecosystems” enough times to conjure a Reclaim EdTech TV in your living room. I can assure you that the enthusiasm from our end was genuine… this flex course was…

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  • Catching up on Web3

    Catching up on Web3

    Photo by DeepMind on Unsplash A ramble-y post of recs for info and opinions on Web3. If you were to ask any of my Reclaim colleagues, it’s pretty safe to say that I’ve been just a tad fixated on the ethics of AI and cryptocurrency at the moment. Our #watercooler channel in Slack is very…

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  • SUNY Digital Learning Conference 2022: Looking through the glass

    SUNY Digital Learning Conference 2022: Looking through the glass

    This past weekend I had the privilege to return to my stomping grounds (at least, figuratively) with two of my Reclaim colleagues, Taylor and Pilot, to attend and participate in a conference that is near and dear to my heart, SUNY’s inaugural Digital Learning Conference. There are so many things about this conference experience that…

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  • Dumping Jekyll for Hugo

    Dumping Jekyll for Hugo

    Falling in love with static sites One of the most impactful thing I learned when starting my journey into digital practice was the existence of static websites. Prior to learning about these, I was deep in the world of WordPress and other website generators. I did not understand them in any comprehensive way, mind you……

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  • Learning GIMP

    Learning GIMP

    A walk-the-walk learning experience. TL;DR I decided to install GIMP to edit my screenshots I learned how to grey out parts of an image in GIMP Why GIMP? A fresh start Starting a new job comes with a ton of excitement, this weird phenomenon of confidence and staggering insecurity at the exact same time, and…

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  • Essential edtech reading

    Essential edtech reading

    (and listening, and watching…) A simple and non-definitive list of resources I find particularly influential on my own work as a critical digital thinker. Reading From least spicy to very spicy. 1. In the beginning… was the command line Neal Stephensen 2. The Information James Gleick 3. Metadata Jeffrey Pomerantz 4. Program or be Programmed:…

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  • You want (edtech) angst? Take it from a millennial.

    You want (edtech) angst? Take it from a millennial.

    I’m green. Like, really green. I’ve been in the edtech world for four years now: first as an OER publishing professional at a university system, then a digital humanities support specialist working directly with faculty and students at a single campus, and now an instructional support specialist with Reclaim Hosting developing a robust and nuanced…

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