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Key projects

Introduction to Critical Digital Practice

An LMS-based undergraduate course for student interns of SUNY Geneseo’s Center for Digital Learning.

I developed this non-credit bearing course to lead CDL interns—Student Affiliates— through the subjects, knowledge, and skills they need in order to serve the campus community as part of our center. Topics include computer basics such as file navigation, utilizing the command line, plain text editing, Git and GitHub, HTML, CSS, and more.

Geneseo OpenLab

Geneseo OpenLab homepage.

Geneseo OpenLab is a campus-wide collaboration space for the SUNY Geneseo community using the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center’s open source WordPress add-on, Commons in a Box OpenLab. The Center for Digital Learning has launched several projects on this site in collaboration with multiple campus partners including first-year writing instructors, student-serving departments like the Center for Integrative Learning, directed studies, and art gallery installations, to name a few. This is a multisite that allows each project site its own WordPress instance, as well as provides a personal portfolio site to each registered user.

I was fully responsible for the complete design and development of this site, as well as head the continuous collaboration efforts between the CDL and other campus partners that populate the site.

SUNY Create: A Domain of One’s Own initiative

I joined the founding members of this Domain of One’s Own project to support development of this system-wide initiative as a project lead at SUNY Geneseo.

I collaborated with inter-campus partners in a community of practice on developing the initiative both on our campuses and across SUNY.

Eventually, I was invited to advise the SUNY system on a larger-scale implementation.

The homepage for the SUNY Create project.

CDL blog

The homepage for the CDL Blog site I help run.

A YAML-based Jekyll site run through GitHub Pages, SUNY Geneseo’s Center for Digital Learning (CDL) designs, maintains, writes, solicits, and reviews submitted content relating to the CDL and issues that are associated with its values, including digital pedagogy, privacy, ethics, tools, methods, social justice, and whatever else we feel compelled to share with our community!

This project displays my ability to create a platform on which others can contribute content, as well as contribute content myself in order to generate buzz and conversation around a brand new, startup department at a well-established institution.

Social Life of Books

The homepage for The Soldier Librarian at Geneseo site.

The Soldier Librarian at Geneseo website is the product of a Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC) online course, “The Social Life of Books.” This site is an interactive exploration of the three oldest books in Milne Library at SUNY Geneseo and the man who donated them.

This site is an example of my ability to present information to a general audience in a way that is comprehensive, engaging, and inclusive.